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In my opening class presentation, I show Maya and 3DS Max demo reels and point out how much they cost and what makes them so.  The differences in the user interface are pointed out and compared to Blender.  I then show the Blender Demo reel and *SELL IT*.  Next,  I  bring up the syllabus and show them how much there is to learn and how little we can cover in the class.
I drive the point home that we are after the process!  A large investment in Maya or 3DS is totally unnecessary at this point.  They’ll have plenty enough to deal with.
After the first hour in Blender moving, stacking, rotating and scaling blocks to test if they can “see” in 3D, I never hear any comments again about why we’re using free software.
Big Buck Bunny, Blenderella and other DVDs are made available to any student who wishes to gauge which area of 3D modeling and animation they want to master.  For my intro class, we touch on everything on the premise that a working knowledge of every skill is necessary for communicating properly with a large production team.  The credits to any hit movie will attest to the size, specialization and complexity of these teams, right?
Most important is the development of the attitude and aptitude to “learn to learn”.  They cannot expect to be at the cutting edge if they wait to be taught everything.  By the time someone is able to turn around and teach them, they’re already obsolete.
These are the objectives of my Intro to 3D Modeling and Animation class.
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