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On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 9:38 PM, Matt Howarth - Puppetman Productions
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> I will upload my plan to the list as long as I'm not contravening any
> rules?? Don't worry, I'll keep it brief.
> I like the sound of the modern day Shakespeare idea, I'll get my infinite
> number of monkeys on it straight away!!! : )
> cheers
> Matt

Considering that your email reply seemed to have a books worth of
quotes on it, I don't see how a simple class plan could go wrong. :-)

Here is my start to A Spaceship Dream (guess what I am stealing?).

I need to redo some of the jobs of the dirty workers but you get the
idea. And the planet has two names :-P

THEODORE is the duke of New Earth and commander of the command
spaceship Tizona. The Tizona is in orbit about the conquered  Amazons'
Planet, Emancipation, run by a race of warrior women. THEODORE is
about to marry the conquered Amazon queen, ELISABETH. Because the
coming wedding, the mood is one of celebration and festivity,
characterized by a heightened sense of erotic expectation and
anticipation. THEODORE himself projects confidence, authority, and
benevolent power. He is a strong athletic man with much charisma and
the bearing of a warrior. His dress is leather but king-general like.
He is 38 years old.

The legendary leader of the Amazons' Planet, Emancipation, engaged to
marry THEODORE. ELISABETH is marrying THEODORE because he defeated her
and her planet in combat however she is a willing bride. She sees it
as her duty to protect the planet and its people and she is taken with
his power and grace. THEODORE is very courtly in his manner toward
ELISABETH, and she is very synchronous with him and supportive without
loosing her own sense of authority and power. She dresses in
executives clothing, sexy but also classy. She is a strong-willed and
sexy woman of power, wealth and warrior-hood. She is 30 years old.

A respected nobleman in THEODORE’s court. ARTHUR complains to THEODORE
that his daughter, ANGELA, refuses to marry DANIEL, ARTHUR’s choice
for her. ARTHUR’s will to control his daughter is very strong. He asks
THEODORE to impose the death penalty on her if she refuses to marry
DANIEL. THEODORE, however, reduces the penalty for noncompliance from
death to life as a celibate nun. He is 45 years old

ARTHUR’s daughter. ANGELA is a beautiful, long blonde haired, young
woman of New Earth. Both DANIEL and TIMOTHY are in love with her.
ANGELA defies her father’s wish that she marry DANIEL because she is
in love with TIMOTHY. She is unusually strong-willed and independent.
She refuses to comply even when THEODORE orders her to obey her
father. She decides to elope with TIMOTHY instead and to flee the
power of her lord THEODORE. ANGELA is also the childhood friend of
HELENA. She is 18 years old.

A young nobleman of New Earth in love with ANGELA. Although ANGELA’s
father refuses to let her marry TIMOTHY, TIMOTHY believes that love
must conquer all obstacles, so he persuades ANGELA to run away from
with him, into  uncharted space. He is 22 years old.

A young cocksure nobleman of New Earth. In the past, DANIEL wanted
HELENA and said he loved her, but after HELENA fell in love with him,
he changed his mind and pursued ANGELA. Emboldened by ARTHUR’s
approval of him, DANIEL is undeterred by the fact that ANGELA does not
want him. He is 18 years old.

A young woman of New Earth in love with DANIEL. She is beautiful, with
long brown hair, but not as lovely as ANGELA. She is short. HELENA has
been rejected and abandoned by DANIEL, who had claimed to love her
before he met her best friend, ANGELA. Consequently, HELENA tends to
speak in a self-pitying tone. Moreover, she puts herself in dangerous
and humiliating situations, running through the forest at night after
DANIEL even though DANIEL wants nothing to do with her. She is 18
years old.

 “Puck”, a mischievous Night Alien who loves to play pranks on other
alien races. He is often called Puck. Robin is OBERON’s jester. His
pranks are responsible for many of the complications that propel the
play. At OBERON’s bidding, Robin uses a  “love machine” on various
characters to change who they love, but always on the correct alien
and that create conflicts OBERON never intended. Though Robin claims
these are mistakes, he enjoys the conflict and mayhem that ensues.

Leader of the Wood Aliens on the planet, Emancipation. OBERON is in
conflict with his wife, TITANIA, because she refuses to relinquish
control of a young Fire Warrior whom she won in a drunken poker game,
but whom OBERON wants for a sergeant at arms. OBERON’s desire for
revenge on TITANIA leads him to send Robin to obtain the love machine
that leads to so much confusion and farce.

The beautiful queen of the Wood Aliens. TITANIA resists the attempts
of her husband, OBERON, to make a sergeant of arms out of the young
Fire Warrior whom she has fairly won. Until OBERON gives up his
demand, TITANIA has sworn to avoid him and his bed. She is less upset
by the fact that she and OBERON are apart than by the fact that OBERON
has been disrupting her and her followers' dances of power.

The overconfident ship's salesman chosen to play Pyramus in a play
that a group of business people have decided to put on for THEODORE’s
wedding celebration. Bottom is full of advice and self-confidence but
frequently makes silly mistakes and misuses language. His simultaneous
nonchalance about the beautiful TITANIA’s sudden love for him and
unawareness of the fact that Puck has transformed his head into that
of an ass mark the pinnacle of his foolish arrogance.

A ship's janitor and the nominal leader of the worker's attempt to put
on a play for THEODORE’s marriage celebration. Quince is often shoved
aside by the abundantly confident Bottom. During the worker's play,
Quince plays the Prologue.

The spacesuit maintenance worker chosen to play This be in the
worker's play for THEODORE’s marriage celebration. Forced to play a
young girl in love, the bearded craftsman determines to speak his
lines in a high, squeaky voice.

The plumber chosen as Thisbe’s mother in the worker's play for
THEODORE’s marriage celebration. ROBIN STARVELING ends up playing the
part of Moonshine.

The spaceship maintenance worker chosen as Pyramus’s father in the
worker's play for THEODORE’s marriage celebration. TOM SNOUT ends up
playing the part of Wall, dividing the two lovers.

The masseur picked to play the lion in the worker's play for
THEODORE’s marriage celebration. JOHN worries that his roaring will
frighten the ladies in the audience.

THEODORE’s Master of the Revels, responsible for organizing the
entertainment for the duke’s marriage celebration. He wants to be
upper class but was not born to it.

The Night Aliens whom TITANIA orders to wait on Bottom after she falls
in love with him. Night aliens have their won mysterious was but seem
to be the perfect servants of other races.
A dark cloudy night on Amazonia. The city is in rune. Meteorites fall
from space lighting up the sky and leaving fiery trails. As they hit
and explode into targets with great burning balls of flame the clouds
flash with an evil light. Sitting in a burned out building that was
once rich with the furnishings of the leader of the planet.

Your Highness, we can't hold them! We are loosing ten to one. They
hold the high ground and they have weapons we've never seen before. We
need to surrender. We have no chance. Our women are dieing out there!

I know, I will send word to the invaders that I agree to their terms
and that I will marry THEODORE. He is a great warrior and known as a
great man in his own empire. It will be an honor to marry him and to
save my people.

NO! You must not!

It is decided. Go and do your duty!

A palace like room on the space ship, the setting is very artistic and
technological at the same time. The walls and art are mostly gold
framed with blue and red over all with a cream base. Lots of wood can
also be seen. It is a room for meeting great people and getting
business done.

Now, my lovely ELISABETH, our nuptial hour is soon here; in four happy
days we will stand before the priest: but, O how slowly the time
passes to when we can share a bed, just like an old widow makes her
stepson wait for his inheritance.

Four days will quickly pass; Four nights will quickly dream away the
time. And then the time, like a silver arrow will be passed and our
night will be upon us.
Go, PHILOSTRATE, Stir up the ship's youth for a great party. The
sadness of the battle is behind us, it is no companion for the coming

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