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Gabriel Gmez,
     Speaking for myself I say the more the merrier, the more thorough the better, be specific and again thorough, zoom in on certain areas during your videos especially if your scripting -we need to be able to see what you are doing. I suggest that any video you do, actually do it before hand so you can show us at the beginning what it is you are going to demonstrate. It would also be helpful if at the beginning you were to list in order, the concepts to be learned. Finally, at the end, show us the completed project or animation that you just did, people want to see the final result of what they watched. Ok, so I know no one ever does this on youtube. The vast majority (99 percent) of people who demonstrate on Youtube are not teachers. I am. 

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Today's Topics:

   1. Interest in trainer certificate and question (Gabriel G?mez)


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My name is Gabriel G?mez from Spain. I has been a blender user from 2006,
but I never show my work for being so exigent with myself.

In public form I send some bugs to the tracker and collaborate scripting
with Blender Bzoo project.

I teach to some blender users in private form using online streaming. I
worked like teacher in 2002, but in the latest years (five) I'm working
like IT technician. I wish take a step forward and take the opportunity of
obtain the trainer certificate this summer.

 For the moment I had a question: I will make video tutorials and I wish
know If it's necessary the language spoken must be in English. I will
subtle it anyway.

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