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Sat Sep 24 20:59:10 CEST 2011

On Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 5:03 AM, Kesten Broughton
<solarmobiletrailers at gmail.com> wrote:
> What funcionality was available on the blendervideos.com site?  I find
> blender video tutorials the best way for me to learn, but I'm often
> discouraged because more often than not, the tutorial i find is for an older
> version of blender and is not forward compatible. I would find it very
> valuable if there were a site that was devoted exclusively to having videos
> created for the most recent release of blender.
> So.... if you are starting from scratch, I would recommend that you publish
> a "best practices" guide for creating blender tutorials.  Publish a series
> of turotials on making blender tutorials and keep it sticky on top.  Example
> Make Great Tutorials table of contents
> 1.  Which screen recorder to choose
> 2.  Annotating your doc (especially if you don't have audio)
> 3.  Pan, zoom etc.
> 4.  Audio recording tips
> 5.  Compression tips
> 6.  Publishing
>     a.  Tags - always include version of blender
>     b.  websites and groups listing of where to announce for   specific
> blender topics
> Did the old site have a way of commenting on videos the way youtube does?
> Did you have an upload form?
> kesten

Please trim your posts! Some people have to pay by the character and
we don't want to pay for what we have already! On top of that it makes
proper bottom posting a real pain.

OK, I think you are correct in these statements. Finding good blender
vids relevant to the version you are running is hard. These vids need
a date posted, user rating and blender version info plus ways to
search out what the user wants in terms of function or video type.

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