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Sorry I was not more clear, the certification I was referring to was an instructor certification to be a authorized trainer recognized by Softimage Avid. Sorry some time I am not able to clear articulate what I want through email.


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> you be willing to do a Webinar????

It's a possibility. Feel free to mail me and we can talk about
specifics. I'm in Amsterdam, but I'll be in Seattle and in Japan at
various times in the next few months.

> When I got certified in 2002 through Softimage Avid

It's important to note that the BFCT is notably not a Blender
certification, but a Blender _trainer_ certification. Applicants are
expected to submit teaching samples, written and video tutorials, etc,
to show evidence of being able to teach Blender in addition to having
core Blender skills themselves. The requirements aren't as formal or
rigorous as you describe, but applicants are judged by what they
present to the certification board.

I think the idea, in principle, is that certification for Blender
itself is something that could be provided by 3rd parties. You could
think of the BFCT as kind of the Blender Foundation's official
blessing to create a course (or certification) of your own. If
somebody were to become a BFCT certified trainer and create a 3rd
party Blender skills certificate and manage to make money with it and
get it recognized by employers, it would be great. At present, the BF
doesn't have the resources to try to pursue that.

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