[Bf-education] Ice Breaker

J Le Rossignol jlerossignol at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 10:41:02 CET 2011

It was years ago in my general search on open source software. I dabbled
for a few hours, but didn't have the time for a project to focus my
efforts, so I dropped it.
A year later I introduced it to some students. So I started with the
Blender Summer of Code 2007, and a mix of tutorials. The Students helped me
push what I had learned, and it was a good exchange of knowledge. Since
then I have continued to play with Blender when I can afford the time.

So to answer your question. I started by myself, and was then sparked on by
some students.


2011/11/29 António Gonçalves <fqantonio at yahoo.com>

> Hello Jamie, and how did you learn Blender? by yourself? Along with your
> students? Bye. António
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