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Hello Jamie, and how did you learn Blender? by yourself? Along with your students? Bye. António

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Hi all,

I'm Jamie Le Rossignol and an ICT secondary school teacher in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs (Victoria, Australia). I stumbled across Blender a few years back, and introduced it to students who were interested in creating their own 3D project. One of that number has continued with Blender beyond school.

Traditional we teach 3DS Max at school, but I push Blender to the students of Computer Club, so they have something they can play with.

My goal it to put together a portfolio for Blender Certified Educator. And so far I have done a little in that direction, http://www.youtube.com/jlerossignol.  I have plans for a 3D short, but it is only in the planning stages at the moment as time is the great restrictor.

Jamie Le Rossignol

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