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Blasgund Brian Brian.Blasgund at polytechnic.wa.edu.au
Tue Nov 29 01:32:41 CET 2011

Hi Teresa...and all,
no doubt you have been put on to a few great tutorial sites by now but if their is any you may have missed then I will give you a list that I have used.
-Blender Guru Andrew Price one of my fav's
-Blender Cookie
-Dark Scarab
-blender.org (of cource...)
- http://www.blender.org/education-help/tutorials/
I recommend looking at a few and finding a site or online tutour that makes sense and works for you for the quickest way of learning. Unforunatly not everyone is good at transfering knowledge via on-line delivery. 
p.s I have a greater list than the examples I have given but I am just about to lecture a classess soon and have all my links in excels I am slowly moving them over to my delicious page I think it would be easer way to access quick info.

Brian Blasgund
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Midland Campas

0438 938 364
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From: Teresa Gower
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I've only lurked here since joining the list in the spring.
My name is Terri Gower and I am an adjunct instructor at Monroe County Community College in Monroe, Michigan. We switched to Blender this fall (from Maya) for an intro 3D course. I have been enjoying the links and course content everyone provides as I had no time to learn Blender before this semester started so the course had been pretty rocky. We knew it was bad timeing to make the switch as  I am in my last semester (two weeks to go!) of finishing a masters degree in Educational Media technology so I did not have a lot of time to devote to creating course material and learnng the program. I have a lot of work to do before teaching the class again next fall and am looking forward to having time to work on Blender along with After Effects.

Terri Gower
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