[Bf-education] Ice Breaker

Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 22:16:06 CET 2011


I feel really under qualified to be here now. LOL!
I really hope some others speak up here that are more at my level;
hobbiest that loves Blender and wants to help teach it. Please don't
leave me all alone with all these super teacher/pros!!

I had no idea there was so much Blender teacher power on this list! I
am very glad to see it! I can't wait to find out what all of you have
to share.

So I know more will post in the next few days but I wanted to thank
all of you that have posted so far.


It is really exciting to find out that this is not a ghost list after
all. Seems to just be populated by a bunch of lurkers. :-) It is also
exciting to see so many well educated and professional people finely
taking a big interest in Blender.

Blender has been my passion for a long time and it seems that the day
of the Linux desktop may never come but the day of Blender is coming
quickly. Just seeing what Dynamic Paint can do will bring in a lot of
interest, I think. And, having people like all of you will make it
usable for the incoming pros, hobbiests and artists.

Douglas E Knapp

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