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Who am I?
My name is Jentzen Mooney. I am new to the list.
I am very interested in teaching, documentation, tutorials and training.

I spent the last 7 years in Los Angeles working on CG features, VFXs, Stereo and Games. A lot of my work was in Technical Art tools an scripting and workflows and Pipeline / Asset Management using MVC frameworks(mostly python and django) Some QT here and there for standalone tools. Before this I was Softimage Certified instructor and trainer at Mesmer Animation Labs.

I have taken a break from the industry for about 7 months now and I doing a lot of teaching at the local ymca in a technology lab I have built. We have done a few 3dmodeling classes but my students would like to move onto Animation, naturally Blender seemed like a good step.

Here is more about me



What do I want to see here?
I am not really sure, I assumed that this list was support group for people teaching blender.
But after I learning more about the foundations and blenders goals, I would like to see what I can take my experiences and help the foundation from an education perspective.

What do I do with Blender?
Currently I am learning all the sections of blender, reading the manual and the sdk
In the spring 2012 and summer 2012 teach bender at the ymca in walla walla wa.

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Hello all!
I see this list as being mostly dead because we have no goals other
than to help people learn blender. I think the big question is how can
this list help us to do that?

So like all good parties it would be good to know who is here and what
they would like to get out of this list.

Who are you?

What do you want to see here?

What do you do with Blender?

Douglas  E Knapp age 45. Massage and TCM doctor. I do blender as my
hobby and I like to help new people lean how to use the program. I
used to be a programmer and worked with young kids writing educational
games. Started back on the C64. I now write in C, C++ but more and
more only in Python. I also really like to use Panda3d as my game
engine but have been thinking about switching the BGE. I post most of
my stuff on Youtube under XOMAGICK.


I am currently working on a MMORPG in Panda3d and Blender. It works
and by massive I am thinking 100 players. They are not as hard to make
as other wold have you think. It is really just a lot of blender work
that gets you! They make great class projects.

Current dream project. Do a midsummer nights dream in Blender!!!
(anyone want to help??) :-)

I think this would also be a great place to come to ask questions
about using blender. Sort of an advance teachers place to ask about
how things work. Not how do I move an object but questions like I have
right now. I want to a video tutorial about the new camera tracking
feature. Problem is that I can't get that bugger to work!! It is
driving me nuts. I pick a point in my film and it looses track of it
10 frames later. Stuff like that.

In a way I see this as part of the documentation project. We teach
people and write tutorials and answer questions on IRC. This list is a
place where we can come together and teach each other that hard bits!

Douglas E Knapp

Creative Commons Film Group, Helping people make open source movies
with open source software!

Massage in Gelsenkirchen-Buer:
Please link to me and trade links with me!

Open Source Sci-Fi mmoRPG Game project.
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