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Fri Nov 25 19:01:51 CET 2011

No plans to visit LA, but on the Blender 3d education side of things, working with the City of Montreal, I have arranged to begin a Blender 3D club with the use of the resources  and space they will provide. If the popularity and interest of the Club is good, they are open to adding Blender 3D courses to the list of computer courses that are currently provided. Planned start is Jan 2012.

A sad thing I find in Montreal is that some places advertise Blender courses but do not give them. This inculdes The National Film Board and a place called  Centre NAD. Centre NAD has not given a Blender courses after the last ones give by Jean Francois Guillmette.  Blender is being used to attract students and then  3D Max other are promoted and taught. I am sure this is hurting Blender overall in Montreal. I have written to these groups in the hope that they would stop this practice, but to no avail.

Blender Rocks!

James Halliwell
Montreal QC

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> Hi all,
> Marc Barr, SIGGRAPH Education Committee Chair, has asked me if Blender  
> Foundation would be interested organizing a "Birds of a Feather" for  
> educators.
> It could be about free/open learning of 3D creation at schools/ 
> colleges. Stuff that's by-default not possible with Adesk sw :)
> Although I think it's cool to have educators meet there and discuss  
> matters, it would be much more interesting if such a BoF would be  
> presented/hosted well, with use cases and some presenters.
> Anyone on this list interested, and already planning to visit Siggraph  
> LA 2012?
> Thanks,
> -Ton-
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