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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Fri Nov 25 18:48:43 CET 2011

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the background info... you are definitely welcome to help  
Do note that my request was for people who already planned to visit  
Siggraph in Los Angeles anyway... there is no costs coverage or  
discount we (or Siggraph) can provide.

Will keep you informed,


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On 25 Nov, 2011, at 17:11, jack korbus wrote:

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> Hi Ton,
> My name is Jack Korbus I'm form Poland, I'm a teacher in Art School in
> Lublin. My specialization is teaching  - design and advertising, but I
> realize this courses on Blender (animation, architectural  
> visualization,
> creative sculptural projects others) My school – Art School in  
> Lublin is
> college level national educational institution. I have a students with
> competences in animation and architectural visualization.
> My personal creative competence are: 3D design (Blender, CATIA, 3D  
> Max),
> IT (UNIX/Linux)  sculpture and design for public spaces, theory of
> culture (I'm a teacher at University in Lublin too, postgraduate level
> pedagogy of culture) like a sculptor I work with my students in  
> Blender
> for their development in 3 dimensional creative thinking, not only
> animation and projects for advertising, but concepts for sculpture
> creation, digital art, etc.
> I want to create some projects based on possibility to creation VRML
> objects in Blender and incorporate it to HTML but I must to create  
> some
> kind of educational methods for this kind of job.
> Blender is absolutely great. I have a many plans with this 3D soft, I
> want to create some kind of conference only with Blender specialists,
> share my experience with others and I will continue reporting my
> progress and plans at BoF – if it's possible.
> Jack Korbus
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