[Bf-education] Cycles clouds texture called noise now

Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 08:24:01 CET 2011

==Noise Texture==
Procedural perlin noise texture, similar to the Clouds texture in
Blender Internal.
; {{Literal|Vector input}}: Texture coordinate to sample texture at,
defaults to Generated texture coordinates if the socket is left
unconnected.; {{Literal|Scale input}}: Overall texture scale.;
{{Literal|Detail input}}: Amount of noise detail.;
{{Literal|Distortion input}}: Amount of distortion.; {{Literal|Color
output}}: Texture color output.; {{Literal|Fac output}}: Texture
intensity output.

To get this to work like clouds you need to
noise texture into a mix node at the fac and this goes to glossy and
then to material out.
The mix node is used to pic the colors!--
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