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On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 9:24 AM, laurent <laurent at tdm.info> wrote:

> On 22/03/11 06:24, Knapp wrote:
> > It may be a huge resource hog but it also can be a huge money maker
> > for the BF!
> >
> I totally agree with you Douglas. I can understand the concern in
> reference to the resources that need to be allocated to such a process
> but it will pay back in term of recognition of Blender as a big player
> in the world of 3D and there are a lot of derivatives income streams
> that can be generated from that (books, trainings).
> Maybe one way to keep the process cost-effective we would need to create
> a draft of a certification using a volunteer-based approach, and in
> collaboration with Certified Trainers.
> Jason, would you agree with such approach ?
> I am a bit worried that there seem to be no vivid interest from the
> Blender Foundation in term of end-user certification. Without their
> backing a Certification is a lot less meaningful. Certifying trainers is
> a good thing but it does not give the learner an opportunity to have a
> consistent way of proving his skills/achievements at least at a basic
> level.
> I am not a pro of Blender, but as a teacher, I know there are different
> approach to the same subject and without baseline data/tests, it is
> difficult to compare achievement. Just to make it clearer, I am talking
> here about a basic to medium level of Certification equivalent to
> industry standard certification (LPIC, CISCO, Java), based on knowledge
> and skills.

In my professional life I am a Chinese Medicine doctor. In the USA they have
a national test and most states accept it for licencing in the state. The
interesting thing is that the test is and always was private. The test
makers have only made and given the test and maintain a database of
qualified doctors. This test is a business and it makes a LOT of money for
the owners. I would call it a scam if the test were not good or they had not
managed to get states to use it but they did.


In a similar way the BF can make and give a test for a fee. This cash then
can go back into paying testers and database people and if they do it well
it can expand into paying teachers and producers of Blender. I think it
could be a very big money maker if end users find the certificate to be

I will repeat, sure it will take a lot of time and energy but it will
promote, improve and make money for Blender.

Douglas E Knapp

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