[Bf-education] Blender Certification

laurent laurent at tdm.info
Tue Mar 22 09:24:18 CET 2011

On 22/03/11 06:24, Knapp wrote:
> It may be a huge resource hog but it also can be a huge money maker 
> for the BF!
I totally agree with you Douglas. I can understand the concern in 
reference to the resources that need to be allocated to such a process 
but it will pay back in term of recognition of Blender as a big player 
in the world of 3D and there are a lot of derivatives income streams 
that can be generated from that (books, trainings).
Maybe one way to keep the process cost-effective we would need to create 
a draft of a certification using a volunteer-based approach, and in 
collaboration with Certified Trainers.
Jason, would you agree with such approach ?
I am a bit worried that there seem to be no vivid interest from the 
Blender Foundation in term of end-user certification. Without their 
backing a Certification is a lot less meaningful. Certifying trainers is 
a good thing but it does not give the learner an opportunity to have a 
consistent way of proving his skills/achievements at least at a basic level.
I am not a pro of Blender, but as a teacher, I know there are different 
approach to the same subject and without baseline data/tests, it is 
difficult to compare achievement. Just to make it clearer, I am talking 
here about a basic to medium level of Certification equivalent to 
industry standard certification (LPIC, CISCO, Java), based on knowledge 
and skills.

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