[Bf-education] two issues, render is askew from camera view and, advanced rigging techniques

aaron mccue themightyspringwater at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 12 01:48:28 CEST 2011

So I hope I'm posting correctly, I have an issue in blender 2.57 where I render a picture and th render is difirent than my camera view in an animation. I select my camera in object mode then I scrub through my timeline after hitting numpad 0, I see my animation how i imaged it and created it so I get to a froame that I'd like to see and hit f 12 and whao.... the render is from askew and only the corner of my model is showing unlike when I had just seen it in my camera view, this has happened on more than one anim. file that I'm working on, I clicked a toggle global/ local button and it seemed too clear it up, I've searched online without any sign of similar problems, also a seperate issue that someone might be so kind as to help me with is that I downloaded a free model of Hatsune Miku a japanime girl and I was floored at how cool the controls for movement are, like theres a face mask as part of the rig ect. I havent seen any tutorials available on line
 that would enable me to do that well, and its perplexing, do they exist? or was the creator just very advanced? thanks for your consideration friends.

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