[Bf-education] School session

Tony Mullen tony.mullen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 12:08:36 CEST 2011


You mentioned video tutorials, but I'm not sure if you've watched this DVD:


If modeling is your interest, I'd strongly recommend it. I think
spending some serious time studying this DVD in depth will boost your
skills to a professional level. It does take time though, so be
patient and model a lot!

Best regards,


>>>> Hi,
>>>>   I am Jessica, I am French and I am a computer science engineer. I want
>>>> to work in 3D now and I was looking for a company in France. Lucky I am,
>>>> because I found a company which is using Blender for more and more in their
>>>> business.
>>>> Unfortunately, the company which is very interested by my profile, is too
>>>> small to hire me now because I am a beginner if you compare me with people
>>>> who made school session in 3D. But if I show them my work in few months.
>>>> Maybe they can be okay.
>>>> So I use to make tutorial but I would like to know if it is possible to
>>>> follow a session to learn how models with a real person. Because all the
>>>> private school are very expensive here. I see that some session will be in
>>>> Germany I think. Will it be possible to have some in France ? Or maybe, is
>>>> there a association in France in which I can go to find help ?

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