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Jessica Cortes lou.jessica.cortes at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 10:38:45 CEST 2011

By the way, English is not a problem ;)
Sorry if I do mistake in my write or grammar. It is easy to read as all in
computer science is in English... But I do not have many occasion to speak a
lot except for forum...

2011/6/8 Jessica Cortes <lou.jessica.cortes at gmail.com>

> Thank you John but I have already read all the book you wrote !!! It is
> very very good !
> Thank to you, now I feel very comfortable with Blender tools !
> It is just that I need more practise. For example, sometime it is difficult
> to model what I want or to animate or have the good feeling to test light.
> And I want to take the good way of doing the thing in order to be able to
> work in team.
> So, I found video tutorial that help also to complete a book.
> I bought book in blender shop to. But with book, I found that sometimes, a
> step is missing and it is difficult to pass another step. With video,  you
> can see what to do in real time.
> But, I also prefer book because, sometimes, in video it is to slow...
> In all the case, I was very a beginner in blender and I see that the
> version change (2.5 now) et your book help me a lot to pass in this version
> !
> Maybe, when I use it again, I will note what I would like to enter and do
> not find in the book and I can report to you ?
> 2011/6/8 John Blain <silverjb12 at gmail.com>
>> Hi Jessaca
>> If you require a Blender basics instruction manual try my FREE PDF book.
>> http://silverjb.limewebs.com/Blender_Manual.html
>> Sorry but the book is in english.
>> Regards  John
>> On 6 June 2011 17:33, Jessica Cortes <lou.jessica.cortes at gmail.com>wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>>   I am Jessica, I am French and I am a computer science engineer. I want
>>> to work in 3D now and I was looking for a company in France. Lucky I am,
>>> because I found a company which is using Blender for more and more in their
>>> business.
>>> Unfortunately, the company which is very interested by my profile, is too
>>> small to hire me now because I am a beginner if you compare me with people
>>> who made school session in 3D. But if I show them my work in few months.
>>> Maybe they can be okay.
>>> So I use to make tutorial but I would like to know if it is possible to
>>> follow a session to learn how models with a real person. Because all the
>>> private school are very expensive here. I see that some session will be in
>>> Germany I think. Will it be possible to have some in France ? Or maybe, is
>>> there a association in France in which I can go to find help ?
>>> Thank you and have a nice day !
>>> Jessica
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