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Terry Wallwork terrywallwork at netscape.net
Sun Jan 16 17:06:58 CET 2011

Hello All,

A list has been created on the Official Blender wiki (wiki.blender.org), 
of some Open/Free Publications (books/magazines), that are freely 
accessible on the Internet and that we think could be of use in an 
academic/school/self teaching setting, because they are very clear and 
complete publications.

Obviously there will be publications that we are unaware of and would 
welcome your help in improving the contents of this list with other 
publications that you know of. We are only interested in Free/Open 
content, commercial/encumbered content is not needed.

So with that in mind if you do create/find good content please mail this 
list or you can update the wiki directly the links are:


Which is the wiki link for all content relating to 2.5x+ versions of 



Which is the link for all content relating to Blender versions earlier 
than 2.5x

If you are not sure as to weather a particular publication can be 
considered an Open/Free publication then please post here and we will 
check. This is mentioned because a search of the web will often bring up 
sites which say things are open/free when they are not (piracy of books 
on Blender is fairly frequent).

Hopefully if this list can be improved it will become useful for 
educators as a good starting point for students and teachers to learn 
and teach from.

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