[Bf-education] blender command line save options

Béla János szepibux at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 12:16:27 CET 2011

Dear All,

I'm writing a shell script for the blender, but I've some trouble whit it.
The important script part is this:

for i in ${SEQUENCE}
    echo Next frame to render: ${i}
    COMMAND="./blender -b ${INPUT_FILE} -o /home/viktor_64/Desktop/ldd/ -F
PNG -x 0 -f ${i}"
    j=`(printf "%d" "${i}")`
    FILE_LIST="${FILE_LIST} ${i}"
    echo Blender command:${COMMAND}
    mv ${i} ${j}

After running this the output is named to 0001 and the program terminate
because, the mv command cannot rename the file, and it is terminated.
I don't know why is the output 0001. How can I fix this?
I've try to modify the mv to
mv "*.PNG" ${j}
but it also didn't work. I think the command above is wrong cuz it try to
rename multiply file to the same name and this is not possible, but I'm out
of ideas.
Any other suggestion??
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