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I must agree with Ton on this one. We can not focus on
certification/examination if we do not offer material to learn for the
Due to the massive capabilities of Blender, I really think we should chunk
down into smaller bits, make 3 levels from beginner/intermediate/expert,
and focus on the needs from the industry itself, when they are hiring. Most
companies hire moddelers, or compositors, or lighting specialist. Not a
full "I know every thing in this software pack" type of guy. And students
will be less "scared" if they can focus on one thing, like moddeling, or
However later on they can evolve more by doing some courses and get another

When we start with math, we start with counting, then adding, substracting,
multy, etc .... To end with huge complex algebra.

The way Andrew Price works on his tuts, is great, I really love his work,
but people forget that he is already a user with Lots of experience, and
that he trains his tuts... You see him making a great end-product in 45
minutes, but the first time he makes them its a lot more.

I feel that a roadmap on chunking things down, and getting a uniform layout
on all course material is needed.

Feel free to react ...

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 1:45 PM, Ton Roosendaal <ton at blender.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> > (Octavio A. Méndez Sánchez wrote)
> > I think we can start to develop a 100+ questions to get an skeleton
> > of a exam. We can focus first on evaluate Blender 3D general skills
> > and then test it with a small group to see if it can evaluate the
> > skills of the person who takes the exam. Whre do you think is the
> > best place to share and construct the questions of the exam? I agree
> > is not a good idea be public available.
> > I volunteer to start to develop the questions, any one else want to
> > join?
> It's very cool to see enthusiasm; but you skip two steps...
> 1) Have a general agreement/consensis or accepted plan how to move
> forward in general
> 2) Write out a more detailed top level proposal for the program.
> You also assume specific issues have been handled already. To name two:
> - So the exam is about "questions" ?
> - And the exam is closed?
> Both disputable topics... with an important aspect we should not
> forget: you can ONLY make an examination when you also offer the
> learning material to teachers & students.
> A good Certification - for me - is not about an examination, but a
> *verified* process students went through. An institute or trainer then
> officially comfirms the student learned from this process by acquiring
> essential skills and practical knowledge.
> -Ton-
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Met vriendelijke groeten, best regards,

Ghesquiere Baptiste
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