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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Tue Dec 20 13:45:06 CET 2011


> (Octavio A. Méndez Sánchez wrote)
> I think we can start to develop a 100+ questions to get an skeleton  
> of a exam. We can focus first on evaluate Blender 3D general skills  
> and then test it with a small group to see if it can evaluate the  
> skills of the person who takes the exam. Whre do you think is the  
> best place to share and construct the questions of the exam? I agree  
> is not a good idea be public available.
> I volunteer to start to develop the questions, any one else want to  
> join?

It's very cool to see enthusiasm; but you skip two steps...

1) Have a general agreement/consensis or accepted plan how to move  
forward in general
2) Write out a more detailed top level proposal for the program.

You also assume specific issues have been handled already. To name two:

- So the exam is about "questions" ?
- And the exam is closed?

Both disputable topics... with an important aspect we should not  
forget: you can ONLY make an examination when you also offer the  
learning material to teachers & students.

A good Certification - for me - is not about an examination, but a  
*verified* process students went through. An institute or trainer then  
officially comfirms the student learned from this process by acquiring  
essential skills and practical knowledge.


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