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Mon Dec 19 12:37:40 CET 2011


Very interesting, the bsdmag requires me to sign up though...
I did find this:


Nice report of BSD cert initiative... also stunning to see how small  
it remains.


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On 17 Dec, 2011, at 17:31, Jay Patel wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been reading the mails from mailist and i thought of a
> suggestion. as i follow bsdmag there's a good article about starting
> the certificate exams for opensourced BSD certificate. it explaing in
> detail how to evaluate and create the certificate exam possible from
> scratch .i hope it will be useful.sorry for my english these are the
> links for magazine (http://bsdmag.org/magazine/1741-nanobsd-and-alix)
> topic "What It Takes - Starting and Running an Open Source
> Certification Program, Part I"  and
> (http://bsdmag.org/magazine/1749-bsd-security) topic " What It Takes:
> Starting and Running an Open Source Certification Program, Part II" i
> am currently reading it for opening the institute but it wil take time
> from these two articles.
> Regards,
> Jay.
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