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 I've been working on the certification model based on other existing

I think we can begin to create a certification, if, in addition to focusing
on the test, we agree with the particular challenges associated with
certification. I started with a series of questions and proposals which I
believe is a good idea to discuss, because i think it could help to put us
on the right direction.

 *Q&A (i think the student must see on the certification websites and
printed information):*

 What is a Blender Certified Trainer?

How do I prepare for a Blender certification Exam ?

How do I get training?

What are the benefits to becoming an Blender certified user?

What type of exam are the Blender certified exams?

How do I register for an Blender certified exam?

What is the fee for the Blender certified exam?

What is teh duration of the certification?

Do i need to present another examn with every new release of blender?

Can i print “Blender certified user or specialist” on my presentations

How long does it take to receive my certificate once ia pass my exam?

 *Aditional questions:*

Certification benefits

level of certification

Exam information

Preparing for exams


 *Proposal of FAQ for the Blender user Certification (Blender 3D Generalist
?– Specialis?) *

 *What is an Blender certified user (Blender 3D Generalist) ?*

A Blender certified user has earned a certification by passing an exam
designed by experts and professionals in that area, and certifies you are a
Blender 3D expert-level user .

*How many levels of Blender certifications are there? *

There are X levels of Blender user certification:


   Blender Certified 3D Generalist .

   Blender Certified Specialists. (We need to define the specialization
   areas and make them standar***)

   More levels?

 To become a certified user, you need to pass the exam designed for that

Exam requirements?? ***

*What is a Blender Foundation Certified trainer? *

I think we need to add a link to the info published on the blender.org page
about BCT:


*How do I prepare for a Blender Certification Exam? *

You can consult one of the following resources:

- Online user guide for self study (Blender wiki?? knowledge acquired by
community and work experience?? we need to develop a an official guide
containing the topics necessary to study for the exam??***).

- Trainers and training centers:Online training, training centers and

- Blender Books.

- Blender Training DVD's.

- Blender Authorized Training Centers (we need to define how the Official
training center will work***, it will be a fee to become a Blender
Authorized Training Centers, if yes, what will be that fee?).

- Tutorial and study materials.

- Other training resources.

 The keys to preparing for a Blender cerification exam are (we need to
guide people on the right direction to present the exam**** how?)
*How do I get training? *

 Once you know what level you want to get certified, you can go to the next
link to locate BFCT trainers and Blender Authorized Training Centers:


Contact them directly for more information about their classes and
registration details.

*What are the benefits to becoming an Blender certified user? *

Do you think we need to work on this as general information or every
trainer will put its own info as “marketing” tool?

 *What type of exam are the Blender Certification exams? *

Question Based (multiple choice?)

Practical? (we must define it)

 *How do I register for a Blender Certification Exam?*

Contact BFCT trainers and Blender Authorized Training Centers by phone, on
the Web, or in-person:

Register online

Register in person

 *What is the fee for the Blender Certification exam? *

Each exam is US$xxx? EURO xx? or local currency equivalent. (one part of
that fee will go to the Blender foundation? If yes what percentage? ) I
think it will need to be the same fee globaly, what do you think?

 *What is the process for getting certified on a new blender version? *

There is several new releases on one year, the certification will cover
general features? What about the new and amazing featured added with every
new version? Can we define some kind of recetification on new features?

*What will be the duration of the certification?*

One year as BFCT?

 What will be the process for the certification once I pass my exam? How
long does it take to receive my certificate?


The student will receive a Blender (R) Certified 3D generalist or
Specialist: Character Modeler, issued by xxx, city, country. (as Ton

 I think with these questions (and other questions will come out as we go)
we can start to define a Blender 3D generalist (user) certification. I
propose to focus on the first certification and then take that model as
basis to create a specialist certifications. That will give us a chance to
test and improve the model.

 About the exam i agree it must be question based an practical.

 And about the certificatin model, as Ton suggest, it should be an open
model so that everyone can participate.

 About the success or failure of the effort on the creation of a
certification; we know we don't have any guaranties. As Lawrent, Thomas,
Jason, and another users on the list, we work with Open Source software
certifications, (Linux, MySQL, etc globally via www.latinux.org), we
support the blender community and we teach on a prestigious University
(Tecnológico de Monterrey www.itesm.edu in my case). So I think i think it
would not be difficult for some of us to take a little group of students,
not related with blender, to set up a little experiment and test a first
model of certification to see if we go on the right way. In my case i can
offer to make a test with persons on different countries via online and/or
in person to see if we can use the question-based + practical exam once we
have agreed on the contents and type of exams.

 i join the #blendereducation channel on IRC on freenode, but i dont see
anybody connected there yet, i guess is because i am in the other side of
teh world and every body is sleeping when i am awake :D. I will levae my
computer on to read the IRC log when i am awake.


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2011/12/18 Knapp <magick.crow at gmail.com>

> On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 11:56 PM, Adamson, Thomas <T.Adamson at snhu.edu>
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> > It is like given a written exam to see if a person is a good swimmer.
> >
> > Tom Adamson
> I mostly agree but there are a lot of things that must be known to be
> a good swimmer too. :-)
> What is IOR?
> What is the IOR of water? Air?
> How many frames per second for a normal film?
> What is 3 point lighting?
> What is a fill light? Key? Back? How might you use these to change the
> mood of a portrait?
> What is Z-transparency? What is a motion vector? What does Chroma
> mean? What is specular and how do you use it?
> etc
> There is a lot that we must know to be good.
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