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One thing we also need to bear in.mind is the price of the exam: i.e.
Multiple choice can be cheap...written essay more expensive.
I am thinking there about individuals or organisation that could not afford
They are not excluding each other but it could be levelled differently with
the basic certification being multple choice only.

Also sorry, I wish I could participate more to the discussion but I am on
hols abroad with not a good access to internet...I am willing to be part of
it - especially IRC- when I come back on the new year.

On 17 Dec 2011 21:23, "Knapp" <magick.crow at gmail.com> wrote:

What would you do for a practical? I must take a test for natural
medicine here in Germany. One part a hard multi choice test and the
other part is 3 doctors asking you questions for an hour or so.

I could see a blender cert being given my making a person sit down at
a computer and do things that the teachers has him/her to do.

IRC is used a lot by blender and it is a possible way to do things but
I don't like it much. You get very short answers that are often not
that deep and you must be online at the right time. It does have its
uses though.

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