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Adamson, Thomas T.Adamson at snhu.edu
Sun Dec 18 23:56:35 CET 2011

It is like given a written exam to see if a person is a good swimmer.

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I'd like to add that, IMHO, it would be a mistake if any such exam were solely
a multiple-choice, regurgitated response type of affair. Because of the very
nature of the type of work that Blender is used for, a practical element to the
exam is critical. Certification should not simply be about knowing things, it
should also applying that knowledge.

For that reason, I would highly recommend that the exam be split into two
parts: one part question-based and one part practical.


Laurent David <laurent at tdm.info> wrote:

> On a second thought...that's probably the way forward...but we need a lot
> of questions...
> On 17 Dec 2011 11:41, "Laurent David" <laurent at tdm.info> wrote:
> Ok. Point taken. I find this an interesting point of view...
> My only concern is that answering questions is not the only aim of a
> certification. The key is in the preparation and the amount of information
> processed/learnt in preparation for the exams. Path vs end result...
> I would say that objectives/criteria should be public definitely.
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> > I have to disagree with this. If the people taking a test know what
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