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You can learn to do organic modeling and there is a good book for
this. Yes you will have to do many hours of exersizes to learn but
this is normal.
The natural way to draw is the book. Just doing the first bit will help a lot!

On 12/13/11, Edwin Pilobello <e_pilobello at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I got into 3D Modeling and Animation from teaching Game Making and Lego
> Robotics to students 10 - 17 years old.  I can do inorganic but can not do
> (for lack of artistic ability) organic models.  I find that most of my
> students who seek to program games or engineer a robot are mostly like
> myself.  We don't do organic very well.  There are some "da Vinci" brains
> that can do both.  But they are rare in my field of experience.  For the
> most part, those coming from game making/robotics seek to know enough of 3D
> modeling and animation so they can communicate with the 3D artists and
> animators.  They know their limitations and seek great collaborations
> with artists who can produce what they cannot.
> I would love to participate in the discussions and make any contribution I
> can, if only to advocate for the many who are non-artists users of Blender.
> PS.  For those under 12 years old, I use actual lego pieces and Lego Digital
> Designer (or MLCAD).  As soon as the student can handle it, I switch them to
> Google SketchUp.  I have not had a student who could handle the abstractions
> of modeling in 3D that was younger than 12 years old.  Because of budget
> cuts, these efforts fall under maths, not art education.

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