[Bf-education] Agenda and Appointments for Educational Purposes.

Ivan Paulos Tomé greylica at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 15:07:16 CET 2011

Hi friends, how are you ?

In this week, we are knowing each other, and connecting persons to start
a broad discussion about methods and proceedings to teach Blender
inside Institutions, and to give Teachers and Students a great material
about Blender, we are also starting to think about standardized tests to
sure the Students at some point in their Course, are able to understand
 buttons, commands and proceedings that are present in Blender to
achieve desired and/or expected results.
I have been talking about my plans to live in Lisbon (Portugal) next year,
but I'm not leaving Brazil completely. (I'm not abandoning Brazil)
I have an Idea to propose an agenda for discuss (starting now)
the best methods to teach Blender, what the students need to know
and in what time they have to achieve specific knowledge and in
what area using Blender 3D software for a Blender 3D Course.
Now we have Christmas, and our Happy new year, my proposal is
for us to start the issue now and go until January 23 doing a brainstorm,
so we can do a skeleton and a diagram of what the Teachers need.
Next step is to compile it in a way and start writing, but also
important, it's the way those books are wrote.
Using my experience in teaching Blender in some Universities
here in Brazil, we have to do a great balance between standard
methods (anyone here that also did an english course ?
they have diverse approaches to Teach english...), and innovative methods.
I have to say sorry for some friends, but I think that a video only Material
is not usefull, but a writen book plus video material could be incredible,
possibly a miracle to the point a friend could follow steps and learn
reading the Material with the help of the video.
And yes, we can't do it in a simple blink of our eyes, but I must say
that we have to start now, and we have a chance to help most Teachers that
doesn't have Blender 3D specific material to help them in their task.
Also, BFCT partners will also have Blender Oficial Material, and BFCT
program will also have a strong basis to support Blender teachers all over
the world.

My proposal is:
Brainstorm end, ideas
: January 23
A skeleton with all of the Chapters and Methods needed: February 06

Good Vibrations for everyone here !
Ivan Paulos Tomé.
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