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Hello, I would like to know what file extension the movies are created in blender. Thanks. António

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On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 4:04 AM, Shashank duhan <milkyduhan at gmail.com> wrote:
> I believe that the best way to learn or teach Blender is start an Open Movie
> Project with students and Blender enthusiast which allow them to filmmaking
> process, pipeline, as well as Blender itself. The students will then get
> credits in the movie which can act as certification or proof that they can
> work with Blender.
> I am going to start teaching kids blender by this process. First by giving
> them a brief introduction of blender than start an Open Movie project, in
> which students will done all work and i will lead them. and it's gonna be
> free, because i believe education should not be commercialize.
> Thanks.
> Shashank Duhan
> facebook.com/shashankduhan

I like the idea but I have run into problems with 2 things here. First
is finding good scripts. At first you think that will be the smallest
problem but it is not. My answer so far is to use Shakespear because
his works are free and because you can translate them into almost any
time or place without much problem. I would love to hear where others
find good scripts.

Free classes: I used to each martial arts. I started with free
classes. My students would often not to their homework and only came
to class sometimes. Then I thought that this was stupid and why should
I work myself to death for a bunch of people that did not care and for
free? So I started changing on the high end of a normal price for such
a class. Results? Students came to EVERY class, they did their
homework and they progressed much faster. I also do TCM (acupunture)
against smoking. The best predictor of success for smokers with
acupuncture? How much they payed for it! (without payment treatment
research has shown the acu almost doubles the chances of success).
Don't do it for free. Charge them enough that they have respect for
the class and the teacher. Perhaps what I say here is only true in the

Good luck!
Douglas E Knapp

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