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Blasgund Brian Brian.Blasgund at polytechnic.wa.edu.au
Tue Dec 13 01:45:20 CET 2011

Hi Kesten and all,

I will be developing material for a Certificate IV Games and 3D Techniques cluster of units //Design and create 3-D digital models// Create design documents for interactive games// Produce an interactive game // Apply introductory object-oriented language skills// in Western Australia

Will also be looking at developing an online Diploma Games & 3D Environment Development cluster of units//Create and implement designs for a 3-D games environment// Originate and develop concepts// Incorporate and edit digital video// manage interactive media production// Design and create models for a 3-D and digital effects environment//  May have to have some face to face workshops so clients can use college equipment

I start with students at a certificate III level but no games units just modelling and texturing 

I have been lecturing with blender since 2008 love it have created a few games with students but has not been a serious component until now.

Any heads up with 2.6 + would be a great help if any are willing, I use to create split screen games using the old viewports.py script but it seems the rasterization function has been superseded, so if their is any recent releases for scripting in the blender game engine I would be grateful for the references. 

Brian Blasgund
Lecturer IT/Multimedia
Midland Campas

0438 938 364
Brian.Blasgund at polytechnic.wa.edu.au

From: Kesten Broughton
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Subject: [Bf-education] Blender Game Engine Certification

Hi all,

My area of interest is in physics and game engine training.  I'm working with some tech-artists to produce a series of maintained and peer-reviewed video and wiki tutorials.

I could volunteer to coordinate standards for game-engine related modules across various courses.

If any of your training/certification programs have a BGE component I'd be happy to review it.  We can make our materials available to courses.

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