[Bf-education] Looking for Blender Artists

Omid Momenzadeh omid.smartgu at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 23:57:03 CEST 2011

Hi all,
I am the Managemenr Assistant of tinab Pixel, a non-profit Anime and
Animation production team.
We are working on an Open Movie Project, and we have finished the
Someday we used Autodesk Maya as our 3D software, and I was the only
member to use Blender, who modelled in Blender and exported in OBJ. I
couldn't ask others to change their software.
But now, as we have lost members, and we have only 2 people using Maya
and one using Blender, I thought we could migrate to Blender.
I started the topic
at blenderartists.org with a fresh user.(I used a user with no posts
because I didn't want others to judge the group with my posts, cause I
am mostly a manager, rather than an artist.)
But I have got no reply, which may be because of the post count.
So I thought I might find people here. We need people with almost any
specialty.(I have explained everything in the post at
blenderartists.org, and our website)
It is my last chance to change the team's software, so I hope you can guide me.
Omis Mo'menzadeh,
tinab Pixel's Management Assistant

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