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Alan Zheng machinecat1666 at gmail.com
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Hello John:

I am quickly reading your book, it's very nice!
I am excited and want to translate it to Chinese. Can I?



2011/4/9 John Blain <silverjb12 at gmail.com>

> Hi Edwin
> If you are teaching a Blender class you may be interested in the manual I
> have compiled available free at my website.
> The book is titled 'An Introduction to Blender A Book For Brginners'. PDF
> format.
> Website: http://silverjb.limewebs.com/index.html
> Regards
> John Blain
> On 9 April 2011 05:50, Edwin Pilobello <e_pilobello at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Starting up an Intro to Blender 3D class for teens tomorrow.  It'll be a 3
>> hour class for 5 Saturdays at Portland State University.
>> I'm going to start this class off like I fell into when using laptops
>> without
>> numeric keypads.  I'm going to skip the keyboard shortcuts.  It seemed to
>> reduce
>> cognitive load by just using the mouse to choose options over remembering
>> shortcuts and using two hands.  I believe they would really appreciate
>> shortcuts
>> later after they've absorbed the basic concepts of 3D objects and
>> manipulation.
>> My last class at a Title I school (at least 70% of the student in the free
>> lunch
>> program) gave me a lot of challenges.  There was one 5th grade girl (~11
>> years
>> old) who was having a lot of difficulty animating a ball bouncing off a
>> block
>> The rest of the class made relatively quick work of positioning the ball,
>> inserting a keyframe, moving the ball, inserting the next keyframe and
>> reducing
>> the height and interval until the ball came to a rest.  After a lot of
>> effort to
>> try to help this girl understand and do, I finally decided to play a
>> counting
>> game.  We were to alternately count off even numbers.  She couldn't make
>> it to
>> 20!!!  She couldn't get past 10 when counting by 3s.
>> The rest of the class just shook their heads.  I was somewhat dumbfounded
>> to
>> discover an 11 year old with very little number sense.  So moving
>> something over
>> time and space was way beyond her comprehension.
>> Oh well!
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Best Regards

Alan Zheng
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