[Bf-education] Intro to Blender 3D class for teens

Adriana Mikolaskova Nautsch adriana at mikolaskova.cz
Mon Apr 11 08:29:30 CEST 2011

@doug the thing with the LMB - RMB selecting... it's funny that since I give 
the students the official explanation* for this, they do not  have any 
struggling with this (and it was the same for me too)...

*selecting is no function, LMB is for functions...healthy moving hands while 

@Peter that's right- the cube scenes mesure creativity as well...

with modelling I tried differend work settings...

a) hand modelling with step-to-tep tutorial and cyborg extension on their own 
(they did things like screen hidden in the palm, usb-interface as nails...)

b) buidling landscape- low poly and subsurf- and building a town in there- 
that takes account for the circumstances given through landscape

c) building unnown animal... first excercices with low poly mesh and subsurf, 
extruding, buidling just any animal... then choosing some of these animals 
properties and refining the animal...

They really should stick to formal aspects and non-narrative 

............with c) i will go on with animation- they will create some loop 
animation with just small but loopable moves (like breathing, litte extremity 
movements, eyes...)... shortly... besides formal composition it's one 
possibility to make it seem to live, without telling a whole story...



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