[Bf-education] A kind of Lego Digital Designer

Edwin Pilobello e_pilobello at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 17 08:45:31 CET 2010

A use an exercise where each class member takes a turn to assemble a model 
of wooden blocks behind a blind.  When the model is revealed, then the class 
gets to re-create it digitally in Blender.  An elementary school teacher asked 
if this activity could be adopted for young children.
I suggested that the Blender UI might be too complex for children.  Perhaps a 
program like Lego Digital Designer might work better.  She likes the LDD 
interface, but she prefers plain blocks.
I'm thinking that the Blender Game engine might work to create 
an LDD-like UI.  Before I consider creating such a game, does anyone know of an 
LDD-like program that uses wooden blocks?

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