[Bf-education] Blender Impressions from the East..

Igor Križanovskij krizanovskij at siol.net
Thu May 13 12:12:12 CEST 2010

 From Blender Course in Brezice, Slovenia on short: Impressive!

Of course not only because I was there, but also because are people from 
Brezice so friendly and hospitality that it's impressive! I almost 
forgot that still exist towns where people greeting strangers on the 
streets! Well, that's for sure something that I will use more often from 
now on, so thank you people from Brezice for such a pleasant lesson! :)

Blender Course was organized in a newly restored and very nicely 
equipped youth center McB, where we explored Blender funky workflow for 
a three days. A new colorful group of Blenderheads followed 
Catmull-Clark modeling and other Blender tricks surprisingly fast, so we 
soon transposed lessons into more advanced stuff. Of course there's much 
left to say, but in a three days we went a way beyond what I planned. 
Ha, I had luck with a participants again, those already familiar with a 
similar tools raised course tempo, and others quickly followed. 
Professor Joze even nick named me with an Eustahije Brzic (funny blue 
racer cartoon character, ha, thanks Joze, yeah, i enjoyed that cartoon 
myself too!:) , but a youngest member Tim wasn't bothered with the 
lessons speed at all, so we proceeded with the same faster, funky and 
enthusiastic pace into a deep hour beyond schedule! \o/ :)


In one of the rare breaks between lessons I had an honor to met Mateja 
who organized the whole thing, but a participants didn't want to attend 
on that coffee break, so unfortunately was that meeting just too short. 
So, thank you Mateja for such a great Blender happening and a short 
coffee, if I knew that I would order at least capuchino for sure! :)

While I've been walking around the streets in Brezice, I found the best 
acoustic hall that I ever heard (and believe me, I've been in many of 
them, from Warsaw, Paris, Amsterdam,... ha, to Venice and Rome even!) \o/


Oh yes, that knight's hall also looks great! There's also a grand 
concert piano on which I played my favourite variation on Orff's 
composition. No one complained, hmm, maybe it wasn't that bad after all, 
but I know that I enjoyed acoustics the most! :)

Mario, one of attendants, mentioned that it's possible to hire that 
place for a fair price. So now it's already decided where will be 
Blender award ceremony in Slovenia! \o/ I hope that we'll be able to 
fill all the places soon.. :P

For sure I wish more of such a pleasant experiences in the future and I 
hope to see you soon!



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