[Bf-education] Blender Action!

Igor Križanovskij krizanovskij at siol.net
Wed Feb 24 16:16:06 CET 2010

Hi all,

I'll write in English, because I'll post this also on Blender Education 
mailing list where is a good manner to write in English of course.

Woohoo! What an exciting experience again! To present the new Blender 
2.5 and the funky international Blender community in the popular 
multimedia place (kiberpipa.org) here in Ljubljana, Slovenia was really 
exciting and full of adrenaline, well at least for me! :)

Announcement of that happening was also in a local newspaper 
(zurnal24.si) which publish around 100.000 copies per issue. Dang, now I 
know that talk for one hour to such a numerous public ain't walk in a 
park! Yeah, I was also lucky, they didn't come all who read about it! :]

Anyway, I made a short Blender 2.5 interface video preview and compose a 
soundtrack for it. At that time here was also a mask carnival, so I 
decided that I will put on a different name instead of a mask. Yeah, I 
believe Blender is an ultimate multimedia tool, so I came on a stage in 
a second part of projected video and performed a live 'video karakoe' 
while I've been playing on my little unplugged synth! :)


So far so good, it was fun, but I've learned an important lesson after: 
If you expect an interaction with a public, make an exact plan for that 
to happen! With an improvisation you can easy become a one man 
Hollywood, and we all know that are people not used to be interactive 
with... :]

Place was full of people and some of them even stood behind the sits. 
One hour passed quite fast for me. Yeah, I can talk about the Blender 
for days if needed (ha, actually I will soon)! The main complain about 
my speech that I heard so far was that I said too many times how good 
and double mega awesome Blender is. OK, if that was really my main issue 
(psst, I know it wasn't:) then will be next at least one ten times 
better for sure! \o/

Well, I'm also happy that was this 'tutorial' published in Zbrush and 
XSI forums with an amusing comments, although now they are more careful 
what they write after they noticed that I sneaky implement a public 
feedback into a video! :)

And now something completely different!

As I mentioned before I'll talk about the Blender for days, so here wii 
go, with another Blender course/workshop & multimedia cook mix stretched 
across 8 weeks!


This time have attendants a different knowledge base about the Blender 
and 3D in general. Some are CAD tools experts, others already passed a 
basic level of Blender use, and there are also some beginners. What a 
cool mix! & that I call the challenge! \o/

I'm happy and proud to say that is this course filled to the last seat 
and there is even a waiting queue behind! So, I believe that we'll have 
a good time again!

To make this challenge bigger and even more interesting we'll put many 
projects on a new SVN model track on ljudmila.org. Beside learning 
projects of attendants there will be also other projects, like double 
mega ultra cool project - Frida V on example:


Or exploration of the huge and complex subatomic and meta worlds of 
another super double mega interesting project - Greed:


And many more! Maybe we'll even manage to transpose all that into 
another Blender Institute!? Ha, btw, for this new Blender Institute are 
beautiful secretary and cook positions already filled, so you must 
agree, that's more than a good reason to really start a new one! :]

And finally, for all those who will tomorrow attend on a Blender 
advanced course, please think about the project that you would like to 
work on. Of course you can choose a simple empty box or a new complex 
solar system for a goal, but remember, you are the one who will have to 
make it, I will be there just to assist you when needed! :)

Thank you all and see you soon,



P.S., Whoops, I almost forgot to say: Blender is double mega super 
awesome! -)

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