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Dear John
Thanks for sharing! It is a pleasure for me to showcase your works in 
blendervideos.com. I have seen some in you tube also. Hope it is the 
same thing. They are really great videos.
I again appreciate you for the effort that you have put to support the 


On 2/11/2010 8:42 AM, John R. Nyquist wrote:
> Richard and I released 3 new episodes of Bits of Blender over the last 
> week (#39 Environment Maps, #40 Making a Lego Head, #41 Snapping 
> Tools), you can now get them on the following service. blip.tv 
> <http://blip.tv> is nice because it allows to you subscribe with 
> iTunes and it (like vimeo) is higher quality than YouTube. I'm doing 
> the Bits at a higher resolution now as well.
> For those of you not familiar with "Bits", it is a set of casual 
> tutorials done by my 10-year old and me. We do them both for fun and 
> to serve as a video reference of many Blender features. We're warming 
> up so we are ready for 2.5. These cover in 2.49b. Enjoy!
> blip.tv <http://blip.tv> http://nyquist.blip.tv/
> vimeo http://vimeo.com/user964903
> YouTube http://www.youtube.com/bitsofblender
> Regards,
> John
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