[Bf-education] Bits of Blender episodes 39 thru 41

John R. Nyquist john at nyquist.net
Thu Feb 11 02:42:42 CET 2010

Richard and I released 3 new episodes of Bits of Blender over the last week
(#39 Environment Maps, #40 Making a Lego Head, #41 Snapping Tools), you can
now get them on the following service. blip.tv is nice because it allows to
you subscribe with iTunes and it (like vimeo) is higher quality than
YouTube. I'm doing the Bits at a higher resolution now as well.

For those of you not familiar with "Bits", it is a set of casual tutorials
done by my 10-year old and me. We do them both for fun and to serve as a
video reference of many Blender features. We're warming up so we are ready
for 2.5. These cover in 2.49b. Enjoy!

blip.tv  http://nyquist.blip.tv/
vimeo  http://vimeo.com/user964903
<http://vimeo.com/user964903>YouTube http://www.youtube.com/bitsofblender


 John R. Nyquist
 Nyquist Art + Logic
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