[Bf-education] Blender and Sketchup for Elementary School

Edwin Pilobello e_pilobello at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 7 14:13:28 CET 2010

SketchUp is taught in a lot of elementary schools nowadays.  It helps fill the 
pipeline for "advanced" Blender classes.  

I'm not sure how SketchUp is taught. I imagine there's some curriculum guide out 
there proclaiming its virtues. I've dabbled in it enough to appreciate its 
strenghts.  What I do know is that kids who come from SketchUp frown when they 
have to 1). choose vertex, edge or face mode 2). switch between object and edit 
3). use boolean to cut a hole in something.  They tend to choose SketchUp over 
Blender to do their modeling, then convert to Blender to texture, light and 

Can't say I can blame them!  In fact, I wish I was young and still had the 
smarts to write a SketchUp to Blender converter overnight.

>From: ysvry at yahoo.com

> A word about sketch up, Its a great program and the easy U.I. is something 
>blender could learn from, remarks of push pull are just plain stupid as the 
>pushpull is just another name for extrude tool. Whats great about sketsh up is 
>the userbase, not so much stuck up spotty highschoolers as in the blender 
>comunity, Dont get me wrong I love blender too, but until there is a new 2.5 
>stable version I stick with 2.49 , its an akward interface , but whats wrong 
>with being exentric :P

>greetz from MP.

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