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This interesting
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I *think* that's right. I suuuuuuure wish they had kept this a really simple
thing. I *think* there will be an actual stable 2.5 release, however, there
will be a release shortly thereafter labeled 2.6. The 2.6 release may be a
more polished version of the 2.5 stable release. I *think*.  :)


On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 5:31 PM, Roger Wickes <rogerwickes at yahoo.com> wrote:

> i *think* we are still using the v.ri model (version-release-increment),
> and currently 2.52 is in trunk. Thus, technically, the first non-beta
> version released with will be 2.60 as a full release number. However, most
> people always get the latest release, which is the truncated v.ri to
> commonly be referred to as 2.6
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