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Nicholas Jainschigg njainsch at risd.edu
Sun Sep 20 19:57:09 CEST 2009

OK, I put the document up as a PDF file. I also included the first
assignment sheet, so you can see how it plays out in terms of their
acquiring skills. The images in the first assignment PDF are all student
work after the first class.


On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 5:28 AM, Hiisi <very-cool at rambler.ru> wrote:

> 2009/9/19, Nicholas Jainschigg <njainsch at risd.edu>:
> > Hi--
> > I'm teaching a class called 3D for Illustration at The Rhode Island
> School
> > of Design. I've been teaching the class for about eight years. I started
> > with Cinema 4D, but for the last three years, I've been using Blender and
> > ZBrush. I got tired of students asking me about cracked software, and I
> was
> > finding that I was using Blender more and more in my personal artistic
> > exploration and in some professional jobs. As far as I know, it was the
> > first class revolving around FOSS at RISD, although there are now classes
> > involving Processing, as well.
> >
> > The class doesn't explicitly go into animation, though, just modeling,
> > texturing, and rendering. Special emphasis is placed on Blender as a
> > creative tool, rather than as a means to reproduce stuff that's already
> out
> > there, whether the real world or the latest high-rez game.
> >
> > I'm happy to post the relatively rough course description I've written up
> > for my students--it's week-by-week for a twelve week semester, but it's
> > fairly bare-bones, and I constantly tweak stuff based on whether the
> > students are "getting it" or not, so it's really more of a road map than
> a
> > detailed travelogue.
> > If there's interest, should I just send it out as plaintext or post it as
> a
> > PDF?
> > Best,
> > Nick J.
> >
> >
> I'm working at basic school in Moscow, Russia. I used to teach 3D
> Studio Max, but recently I managed to persuade the school director to
> switch to use Blender. My mine educational program for beginners
> composed of materials from 'The essential Blender' book. Then I have
> some tutorials from the WEB and by my own for more advanced
> blender-heads. And the second part of the course is designed for
> programming-oriented peoples, who would like to know how to make games
> with Blender. For that part I'm using mainly 'The Blender gamekit'
> book.
> Dear Nick, I also would like to see your course description!
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