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Is it possible make it public put in rapidshare may be

On 9/19/09, Nicholas Jainschigg <njainsch at risd.edu> wrote:
> Hi--
> I'm teaching a class called 3D for Illustration at The Rhode Island School
> of Design. I've been teaching the class for about eight years. I started
> with Cinema 4D, but for the last three years, I've been using Blender and
> ZBrush. I got tired of students asking me about cracked software, and I was
> finding that I was using Blender more and more in my personal artistic
> exploration and in some professional jobs. As far as I know, it was the
> first class revolving around FOSS at RISD, although there are now classes
> involving Processing, as well.
> The class doesn't explicitly go into animation, though, just modeling,
> texturing, and rendering. Special emphasis is placed on Blender as a
> creative tool, rather than as a means to reproduce stuff that's already out
> there, whether the real world or the latest high-rez game.
> I'm happy to post the relatively rough course description I've written up
> for my students--it's week-by-week for a twelve week semester, but it's
> fairly bare-bones, and I constantly tweak stuff based on whether the
> students are "getting it" or not, so it's really more of a road map than a
> detailed travelogue.
> If there's interest, should I just send it out as plaintext or post it as a
> PDF?
> Best,
> Nick J.
> On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 2:52 PM, John R. Nyquist <john at nyquist.net> wrote:
>> I've been toying with the idea of proposing a Blender class for one of
>> the local colleges. Do any of you have curriculum for college that
>> you'd share (or know of them). I've never taught a college class, I've
>> always done instructor-led or video training (which I think has
>> different needs than college courses). It'd be nice If I could do it
>> in the Spring.
>> Regards,
>> John
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