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Hi Everyone-
I apologize for my late reply.  Great community here.  Thank you for all the


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> > Blender, and I was hoping someone could help explain how I can reduce the
> > polygons used within the model?
> Blender has a decimate modifier which algorithmically removes
> polygons, but unfortunately it isn't very good at retaining depiction
> fidelity and it creates sub-optimal topology.
> The heavy truth is that the only way to reliably reduce polygon count
> in a model while maintaining impressional depiction and decent
> topology is manual labor. As far as I know a magic 'reduce polygon
> count' button that gives GOOD results does not exist. Machines just
> aren't smart enough to do it well yet
> If none, or very little of what follows makes sense, you'll have to
> get up to speed with the basic Blender interface before you'll be able
> to make much progress. Here
> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro is a good place
> to start.
> One very useful tool is the edge-loop remover, however this tool
> usually only works if the model was created with good topology- ie.
> good edge-loops. You can try it with your high-poly model in edit
> mode, alt-right-click an edge. Hopefully a whole edge loop will be
> selected, though even if only one edge is selected you can still try
> the edge-loop remover- it might work, after your selection is made,
> hit the x key and select "Edge Loop". The edge(s) selected will be
> deleted resulting in the overall number of polygons in the model being
> reduced.
> Be careful, however, because although the UV coordinates are usually
> remapped correctly, they can sometimes get skewed requiring a manual
> re-map. A good way to minimize the danger here is to work slowly one
> loop at a time and when the UV go bad, select the face that is mapped
> incorrectly after a loop removal and the faces adjacent that are still
> mapped properly and use the adjacent faces as a guide to remap the bad
> coordinates.
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