[Bf-education] BF Active Support; Blender Course & Workshop

Igor Križanovskij krizanovskij at siol.net
Mon Oct 12 14:30:51 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I would like to discuss about the Blender courses and workshops support.
Namely, Ton mentioned in one of his posts that we can count on Blender 
Foundation active support. Well, that's something I just can't forget.. :)

Next month I'll taught another Blender course and workshop, this time in 
Ljubljana, Slovenia. Thanks to guys from Ljudmila (Digital Media Lab) 
and Slovenian Government (Ministry of Culture). They cover expenses for 
a place and hardware rent. They will also pay me a reasonable fee! Yay!

I would like to make this course and workshop even more fun and 
exciting. That's why I plan to introduce them a new Blender 2.5, 
although I know it's not quite ready yet for that... but hey, it looks 
very good and promising! \o/
I will also introduce them an interesting on-line Blender Community and 
how they can be actively involved. I believe that many still don't dare 
to even think that they can actually affect the Blender development, 
documentation, design, etc... I'll show them how that's possible if you 
are good, kind and sneaky enough with a few of my humble cases... :)

Project Durian is something great that can be used as a BC showcase. 
I've been thinking about the enthusiasm boost with the Durian Team 
involvement. Imagine excitement of all new users who could be able to 
make something with Blender that will be potentially used in such a 
movie masterpiece!? That would be great! So, is it possible to get some 
simple concept arts from Durian Team that can even a totally new Blender 
users make? Like a different props; sticks, ropes, hammers, panties, 
etc... You know, a model of a whole street is just too heavy for a new 
tender Blender users... :)


My next Blender course & workshop will be in Ljubljana Digital Media Lab 
- Ljudmila. That's an interesting and friendly art place where I already 
met a bunch of cool artists who like to use Blender. Ha, even quite 
famous ones in the OS world (Hi Jaromil, Julian, Matevz, Ziga & Luka if 
you read this :)!

Translation of Blender course topics into Slovenian language was quite 
amusing, I guess they will soon ask me for at least broken English 
reverse engineering... :)


Anyway, we would be glad to get any kind of support from Blender 
Foundation. Beside a cool Durian concept arts, I believe you guys have a 
lot of things that can help us to make such a Blender happening even 
more fun & exciting!



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