[Bf-education] Blender script for single single vertices

Prof.Dr.Gerhard Kauer loi-kg at arcor.de
Sun Nov 15 22:12:54 CET 2009

Dear people at Blender Community,

my good old script for adding a single vertice does not work with the 
new blender/Python anymore. I got it some years ago from someone here in 
the blender community.It was sooo useful, but now ....
Just to get tears....

Name: 'Single Vert'
Blender: 243
Group: 'AddMesh'
import BPyAddMesh
import Blender

def main():
    BPyAddMesh.add_mesh_simple('Single Vert Mesh', [[0,0,0]], [], [])


Does one know why?
The IDLE tells he does not know "BPyAddMesh" ( me either ;-)   )

Best regards and
happy blendering

Gerhard Kauer

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