[Bf-education] Rubrics and such

Edwin Pilobello e_pilobello at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 18 21:52:06 CEST 2009

I've just completed by first Blender college course at Clark Community College in Vancouver WA, USA.  I created a syllabus but now am told that I need a rubric.  I suppose the rubric is for the next time the class is taught.

So, here I am soliciting some ideas from you folks.

To start off, I have a copy of a rubric for a CAD class.  The standards are based on "General Drafting with ANSI Standards".  One of the Product Outcome rubric is "Completely accurate, etc."  I believe that's one I can eliminate from consideration.  As we all know, Blender is not a CAD tool.  Regardless, most of the rubric emphasises accuracy, dimesioning, symbol conversions, etc.
GRCP 233 "3D Modelling and Animation" was a 4 credit, 60 classroom-hour experience.  I taught it with a trade emphasis.  Picking an area of expertise and sharing/forming alliances with other students in the class was greatly encourage.  Emphasis on self-learning and experimentation was strong.  The class started with a discussion using the book as a basis.  After that, the students were free to explore the chapter and produce whatever they wished.

I can see that a rubric could be developed for each chapter.  Before doing so, I would like to develop a general rubric

I would greatly benefit from your thoughts on defining criteria for a basic 3D Modelling and Animation course covering the entire "Essential Blender" book.  

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