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Mon Jan 12 14:02:14 CET 2009

Hi Alexandra

My name is Stella Siu Lie Ang, check my website Stellamation.tv
I have worked and trained in several area's of the communication  
as well do I give now workshops to train children in the art of stop  
Also working with young adults.

Just finished 3 months intensive Maya Character animation training from
people working for Disney and Pixar.

Quiet new to the computer field and actually just discovered Blender  
in  2 hrs
very usefull well given workshop 0n the Holland Animation Film  
Festival by William Reynish from
Denmark I love to be kept in touch about your intitiative,, learn,  
work, assist on it as much as pos.

I work in Wassenaar and also in Amsterdam the Netherlands, I will  
study the ideas and proposals a bit better
later on in this week.

Do  keep me posted and lost of success!!

Kind Regards

Stella Siu Lie Ang/Stellamation.tv

+31 (0)614129970
Skype name Stellamation
On 12 Jan 2009, at 09:46, Alexandra Mayer wrote:

> Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
> I am writing to you in the name of the Association for the  
> Promotion of Open Source Technology in Schools and Universities  
> from Austria, who is the initiator of the european wide project  
> “Eleonore Digital::Work Together”. The main objectives of the  
> project are that students and teachers acquire skills with Blender  
> 3D and create in cooperation with game development experts an  
> educational game about a crucial part of the European medieval  
> history.
> „Eleonore Digital::Work Together“ focuses on the main social  
> challenges of the information or knowledge society of the 21st  
> century with the aspiration to ensure a profound education for the  
> youth and to encourage the occupation with information and  
> communication technologies as well as a critical media literacy.
> The interdisciplinary perspective of the project that arises of the  
> connection between the promotion of web 2.0 applications, a  
> historical topic and technological processing, supports creative as  
> well as pedagogical aspects in media and gender sensitivity.
> The project has started this school year in the test run with seven  
> secondary schools from Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia and  
> England, and it is planed that we are going to present it within  
> the EU Funding Programme COMENIUS for livelong learning.
> We are already working together with some people from the Blender  
> community and Apricot team, but we hope to find more people who  
> might want to join our project group and support our visions.  
> Especially for the application for COMENIUS we are looking for  
> further institutions to join our project consortium.
> Besides there it is still the option for schools to join this  
> project for the school year 2009/2010.
> You will find more information about the project on our website  
> www.eleonore-digital.org, where you can also order a detailed  
> project plan. If you have any further queries, don't hesitate to  
> contact me under alexm at abc.at
> Since you are already working with Blender and know about its great  
> advantages I am sure you will be also interested in our project,  
> since it definitely contributes not only to the promotion of open  
> source solutions in general but specifically of Blender and it's  
> versatile fields of applications within education.
> I am looking forward to your response and feedback to our project.
> Yours faithfully,
> Alexandra Mayer
> (Project Management)
> Association for the Promotion of Open Source Technology in schools  
> and universities
> Maysedergasse 2/17
> 1010 Vienna
> www.p-o-s-t.org
> www.eleonore-digital.org
> <alexm.vcf>
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