[Bf-education] Blender 3D educational project "Eleonore Digital::Work Together"

Alexandra Mayer alexm at abc.at
Mon Jan 12 09:46:58 CET 2009

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing to you in the name of the Association for the Promotion of 
Open Source Technology in Schools and Universities from Austria, who is 
the initiator of the european wide project* "Eleonore Digital::Work 
Together"*. The main objectives of the project are that students and 
teachers acquire skills with Blender 3D and create in cooperation with 
game development experts an educational game about a crucial part of the 
European medieval history.

"Eleonore Digital::Work Together" focuses on the main social challenges 
of the information or knowledge society of the 21^st century with the 
aspiration to ensure a profound education for the youth and to encourage 
the occupation with information and communication technologies as well 
as a critical media literacy.
The interdisciplinary perspective of the project that arises of the 
connection between the promotion of web 2.0 applications, a historical 
topic and technological processing, supports creative as well as 
pedagogical aspects in media and gender sensitivity.
The project has started this school year in the test run with seven 
secondary schools from Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia and England, 
and it is planed that we are going to present it within the EU Funding 
Programme COMENIUS for livelong learning.

We are already working together with some people from the Blender 
community and Apricot team, but we hope to find more people who might 
want to join our project group and support our visions. Especially for 
the application for COMENIUS we are looking for further institutions to 
join our project consortium.
Besides there it is still the option for schools to join this project 
for the school year 2009/2010.

You will find more information about the project on our website 
www.eleonore-digital.org <http://www.eleonore-digital.org/>, where you 
can also order a detailed project plan. If you have any further queries, 
don't hesitate to contact me under alexm at abc.at <mailto:alexm at abc.at>

Since you are already working with Blender and know about its great 
advantages I am sure you will be also interested in our project, since 
it definitely contributes not only to the promotion of open source 
solutions in general but specifically of Blender and it's versatile 
fields of applications within education.
I am looking forward to your response and feedback to our project.

Yours faithfully,

Alexandra Mayer
(Project Management)

*Association for the Promotion of Open Source Technology in schools and 
Maysedergasse 2/17
1010 Vienna
www.p-o-s-t.org <http://www.p-o-s-t.org/>
www.eleonore-digital.org <http://www.eleonore-digital.org/>

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