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Could you expound on this, please? Which area of the website do you prefer updating/maintanining, and why?

The issue I am facing is one of maintenance and access. Maintenance of the 
website requires using a rather obscure content management system that is not 
conducive to HTML or other kinds of editors. Access is very restricted. Those two 
factors make for hard/long updates. The wiki offers a very open architecture, 
ability to embed video, and invites community contribution. Thus, I also favor 
moving tutorials to the wiki, along with, well, all the other tutorials that are 
already out there on the wiki. 


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I would disagree, I personally prefer the website over the wiki.


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>I'd recommend we migrate as much as possible to the blender wiki, the
>>tutorial section should be eliminated and be wiki only, most of the
>>dev section should be eliminated and be wiki only, etc.
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