[Bf-education] 2.5 for Spring 2010? (Edwin Pilobello)

William Meador wsmeador at me.com
Mon Dec 7 18:29:14 CET 2009

I should add that generally none of my students have any 3D experience  
prior to my class. I might get one who used a 3D application in high- 
school, but I have yet to have anyone come in with any experience or  
any bias towards an app.

I had to stop myself several times this semester when comparing 2.5 to  
2.49. I had to remind myself that none of my students had the  
experience to compare to.

I believe that 2.5 is more accessible to beginners than previous  
versions and that was my primary motivation for switching now. I have  
a student who had taken the class last year mention that he really  
likes 2.5 (he sat in on this semester's class too). He felt like the  
UI made more sense and he really liked the new UI design. The  
developers and UI designers have worked very hard to group  
functionality together or even split it up in the UI to make it easier  
and more logical and I think it really shows.

In the Durian website, check the News section for demos and files to  
download. Two notable files are the Sintel rig and the Eye and Hair  
files. The Eye project file shows a good use of the new Noise modifier  
for function curves.

Documentation will start flowing during the spring and using the  
software during that time may allow some of us to contribute to the  



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> I am concerned about using 2.49b and having the students hark about  
> how 2.5 does it better or easier, etc.? Then again, if 2.5 is not  
> fully optioned by Spring 2010, then we'd have to refer back to  
> 2.49b.? Backward compatibility will then read it's ugly head.
> Scott's experience seems to make the move to 2.5 doable.? I'm sure  
> if the class gets used to thinking functionally and working with  
> what's currently available, things would be fine.? There's nothing  
> like being on the cutting edge, huh?
> Anyway, I just downloaded 2.5 alpha and am currently searching  
> Durian for resources to animate.? Where are they?
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